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  • Corporation
  • Entrepreneur
  • Hospital
  • Investor
  • Invention to Market

    Bringing new inventions to market adoption by guiding you through each step of the process to ensure a successful product launch.
    • Investment Due Diligence
    • Capital Formation
    • Go-To Market
    • Commerciali-zation Strategy
    • Supply Chain
    • Regulatory
    • Licensing
    • Product/Service Development
    • Company Leadership
  • Operations Optimization

    Re-engineering your operations through systematic methods, providing the executive team with the tools it needs to run its company to the best of its ability.
    • Corporate Strategy
    • Converting Strategy to Action
    • Business Development
    • Turnarounds
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Cost Reduction, Lean/6σ
    • Medical Market Entry
    • Operations Strategy
    • Organizational Alignment
  • Corporation

    Every corporation has a unique business model and company culture; this also generates a unique set of challenges. In order to move forward more effectively, you may benefit from a fresh set of eyes to provide focus and insight into your business processes. Blue Marble Medical will tailor its expertise to create operational improvements that fit your company’s needs. For example, implementing the Strategy to Action℠ process allows your corporate strategy to be translated into metrics that align individual and department-level actions throughout the organization. Blue Marble Medical guarantees results through its Strategy to Action℠ program. Perhaps your company, like many others, is feeling margin squeeze. Whether it is cost of goods optimization, options modeling your options or manufacturing site strategy, Blue Marble medical can provide objective analysis to guide your decision making.

  • Entrepreneur

    As an entrepreneur in the medical industry, you need everything from start-up capital to talent. It is imperative for every start-up to create a road map to success, identifying the right partners and planning for the challenges that lie ahead. Blue Marble Medical will help you avoid the mistakes that often create early stage casualties and provide the experience to successfully execute your new endeavor. As a part of Blue Marble Medical’s strategy, we will assist your health sciences start-up in all critica areas, including business formation, market research, quality systems and commercialization. There are many pieces required to get a company off the ground and every entrepreneur needs support through this process. Blue Marble Medical will provide the advice and leadership to move your medical product company forward.

  • Hospital

    Hospitals are faced with a variety of challenges when balancing patient care with business processes while also staying cutting edge in care delivery. Blue Marble Medical will assist hospitals and private practices by improving their systems and realizing untapped benefits. Let your practice reach its potential by realizing its latent potential for innovation and growth. In particular Blue Marble Medical will help hospitals develop additional revenue streams, increase clinician retention, enhanced healthcare delivery and promote clinician innovation. Blue Marble Medical will guide your clinicians’ innovations through technology commercialization and care delivery implementation, boosting your future growth.

  • Investor

    Investing in medtech and health sciences can be a complicated maze, difficult to navigate yet crucial to understand. Blue Marble Medical will assist you in making the best investment choices and will provide concrete tools for in-depth professional analysis. Regardless of whether you are an Angel Investor, Venture Capitalist or represent Private Equity, Blue Marble Medical will provide investment due diligence that you can trust. As a part of Blue Marble Medical’s RealDeal℠ assessment, you will gain insight into and beyond market, team and competitive advantage, including technological pragmatism, technology readiness, cultural risks, team competence, adequacy of processes, costs of goods and appropriateness of the broader organizational structure.