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Advisory Boards


Biotech Fuel & Feedstocks Company

Developed a strong capital formation for Algaeon. Also advised in bringing the product to market, including market positioning. Worked through scaling strategy and connecting with strategic partners.


Infection Prevention Device Company

Created a business plan and competitive strategy as well as developed market positioning and pricing strategy. Formated the team structure and coached the executive team in effective leadership.


Surgical Training Simulation Company

Provided corporate governance, financing strategy and business planning. Focused on finding the right market channels as well as creating a strong organizational structure and appropriate team roles.


Compliance Enhancing Prescription Packaging Company

Enhanced strategic partnering and strategic business model, including capital requirements.


Board of Directors


In-Sillco Mathematical Modeling & Simulation Company

Served on the Board of Directors at Cientive Group. Primarily provided guidance on growth strategies, business development and market positioning.

Executive Leadership


Critical Care Patient Monitoring Company

Served as President and COO, which evolved to President and CEO for SonarMed.


Critical Care Diagnostics Company

Served as the interim COO, which evolved to the CEO for SpheroSense.


Diagnostic & Therapeutic Immunochemistry Company

Served as CEO for 3R.


Health IT Company

Directed the company in both the COO role and Advisory Board role.


Contract Orthopedic Manufacturer

Provided general management leadership.


Investment Due Diligence


Angel Investor & Venture Capital Groups

Provided investment due diligence.


Blue-Chip Consulting & Investment Firms

Created a project-specific business strategy, investment due diligence, plus market and regulatory insights.


Mergers & Acquisitions


Orthopedic Contract Manufacturer

Enhanced company strategy and business development.


Engineered Products Holding Company

Created an acquisition-based medical growth strategy.


Fortune 500 In-Vitro Diagnostics Company

Assessed and integrated an IVD company acquisition.


Fortune 500 Life Sciences Tools Company

Assessed and integrated an acquired sequencing company.

Project Based Consulting

Health IT Company

Developed a strategic business plan and capital formation.


Surgical Endoscope Company

Guided the firm in navigating its regulatory strategy.


Transgenic Insect Protein Production Company

Created its business formation and path forward strategy.


Orthopedic Plastics Molding Company

Enhanced the firm’s business development practices.


Glucose Monitoring Company

Developed a business planning and created strategic partnerships.


Fortune 500 Implantables Medtech

Improved operations and manufacturing site strategy.


Medical Device Re-Processor

Formated an operations strategy.


Cardiovascular Surgical Device Company

Advised in technical licensing.


In-vitro Diagnostics Company

Reduced costs and optimized processes through cost of goods modeling and projections. Also provided executive coaching to the leadership team.


Class 1 Soft Tissue Therapeutic Tool Company

Created business plan along with a go-to-market strategy for a successful launch. Assisted in financial planning and capital formation.

“Provides the exact kind of leadership early stage companies need…”

“One of the most difficult positions to fill when starting a new company is the role of CEO. This role has a significant amount of demands and requiring the ability to balance several issues at one time including personnel, investors, project management, marketing and product development. Blue Marble Medical provides the exact kind of leadership early stage companies need to stay focused, manage milestones, and deliver products on-time. We have worked with Blue Marble for several years and we highly recommend them.”

Jim Schulz, Partner, Upward Focus

“Blue Marble Medical developed a good solution and supervised its implementation.”

“During its growth from a small start up to a company with a USDA licensed product, Quadraspec was in the need of consulting support in its operations. We needed a coach and an advisory for the Director of Operations as well as someone to build a systemic method for estimating current and future cost of goods. These processes invovled production technologies and overhead allocation methods. Quadraspec hired Blue Marble Medical to fulfill these needs. Andrew Cothrel embedded himself well within the Quadraspec Operations Team, developed a good solution, and supervised its implementation to the full satisfaction of the Quadraspec Executives.”

Joerg Schreiber, President, White Arrow Consulting

Your experience and amazing work ethic are making a huge difference…”

“Andy, what a difference you’ve made in this company for all of us. Your experience and amazing work ethic are making a huge difference in the upside of this investment every single day.  I hope we can again work together. Thanks for all your efforts.”

Managing Partner, Venture Capital Firm

“Our company continues to grow thanks to Blue Marble Medical’s counsel…”

“We engaged Blue Marble Medical to assist a new entrepreneur in assessing the market for his healthcare technology, and to help develop a market and organizational building strategy. Andrew Cothrel did an outstanding job of helping the entrepreneur gain focus and served as a trusted mentor to him throughout the process. The company continues to grow, thanks to his assistance and counsel. We look forward to working with Andrew again on future projects.”

Ray Hagerman, VP Investments, Dayton Development Coalition

Your ideas resonated with our team…”

“I wanted to thank you for the insightful work you did for us.  We really appreciated the thoroughness of the analysis and the recommendations as we go forward.  Your ideas resonated with our team and it demonstrated the expertise you brought to the subject matter. It was a pleasure to work with you and again, thank you for your tremendous efforts.”

Sr. VP, Fortune 500 Medtech

“Deliberate and thoughtful discussions…”

“Andrew Cothrel provided critical acumen to understanding the business and technology of today for tomorrow. It is a challenge to navigate a business to success. Andrew’s past experience and thoughtful discussions provided critical framing of strategic decisions, that when set in motion steps through to tomorrow’s success. He brought foresight, which is most valuable to any company.”

Vijay Thukral, CEO, Cientive Group